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  • Learn how to select and tweak the best configuration for your green screen needs.
  • Discover the best lighting solution for your production space and how to dial it all in. Options covered include softbox lighting, LEDs, on-camera lighting and lighting on stands.
  • Getting your in-camera manual setup right is key to producing cleaner green screen videos for YouTube success.
  • Remove the confusion about how shutter speed, frame rates, ISO, aperture and white balance work together for consistent, quality results.
  • Upgrade options for your audio to go beyond in-camera poor quality audio. Discover tips for choosing the right external audio source for you – whether it’s a camera shoe mount mic solution, an external recorder, or even your smartphone!
  • Determine the ideal scenario for when to use a teleprompter when recording your videos. Should you go scripted or unscripted with a bullet point outline? Learn the right formula for your YouTube delivery!
  • 10 + tips on pre-production and production – Follow these steps to make videos that LOOK and SOUND great – EVERY TIME you press the record button!
  • Preparation Checklist for the video shoot – a detailed list for how to prepare your location set up, as well as your video and audio equipment, to ensure a consistent and stress-free shoot.
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