How to Create a Meme Video in Camtasia

How to Create a Meme Video in Camtasia

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Camtasia Animated Text and Images – Meme animation!
[FREE Camtasia 9 Project File Download showing you how to create an animated meme. ]

How would you like to take a quote and some images and animate them inside your Camtasia videos? We’re going to see how quick and easy it is to take text, images and then animate those using Camtasia custom animations and behaviors!

This tutorial is geared for those who want to create short video meme for social media and marketing using Camtasia 9.

Not only will you see how the custom animation feature is used inside Camtasia to give motion to your images, but you will also see how to apply Camtasia behaviors to bring your text to life – kinetic text!

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