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If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or service professional who wants to reach a larger audience, you need to use video to shine a spotlight on your brand, promote your offering and make a bigger impact in the marketplace today.

Let's make VIDEO work for your business.
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Here's how we'll work together!

  • Video Creation – learn how to make compelling, shareable videos that people will want to watch.
  • Video Production – studio set-up, software and equipment selection, adding special effects, editing.
  • Video Content Marketing – choose how to share your expertise and content – determine your message and how to you want to convey it (video type/length/on-camera vs off camera).
  • Video Distribution – increase your visibility by leveraging video on YouTube (and other video sites), your website, social media platforms and via email to your list.
Or maybe you’re a person who has a story to tell or a message you want to convey with video. No matter what your purpose, sometimes the idea of creating, editing, and distributing videos can seem a little bit overwhelming.

Whether you want to get started with video marketing, start a new You Tube channel or you already have a channel but need some advice and guidance to take your video strategy to the next level, I can help you move past your fears or challenges to amp up your video content marketing.

If you’re not clear about what kind of equipment you need, or what type of video content is best to promote your service or product or how you should distribute and leverage your videos, then some one-on-one coaching could be just what you need to crystallize your goals.

Check out the results of some of my video consulting clients.

Let's work together to develop your video marketing strategy.

Let's Talk Video